Dark Sun

More and more of the sunflowers are opening up, and today I spotted one that's different. Most look like this. Bright, sunny, mostly yellow with light oranges and greens around the developing seeds. Then there was this one. The camera actually lightened it up a bit. Compared to the others, this one looks almost black … Continue reading Dark Sun

New Growth

I found some lovely new things growing this morning! The first was the sudden appearance of these mushrooms on a dead tree. They were not there, yesterday! Meanwhile, my mother's honeysuckle just exploded with flowers! It is so good to have the rain, after last year's drought! The Re-Farmer

Recommended: Urban Farmer Curtis Stone

Welcome to my “Recommended” series of posts. These will be weekly – for now – posts about resources I have found over the past while that I found so excellent, I want to share them with you, my dear readers. 🙂 Whether or not I continue to post these, and how often they are posted, … Continue reading Recommended: Urban Farmer Curtis Stone