Tulip carnage continues!

What a disappointing sight to see this morning!

More tulip flower buds and leaves have been eaten, even with the efforts we made last night to deter the deer.

It might not be deer.

Or maybe not “just” deer.

You can see it a bit in the photo; something has been digging in the leaf mulch. It looks like skunks were digging for grubs.

It turns out skunks eat tulips. too.

I am thinking of setting up one of the trail cams over the area. Meanwhile, I think the roll of wire fence that I intended to use on the squash arch is going to be pressed into tulip protection duty.

I just hope the bulbs have enough energy left in them to grow more leaves and survive this.

The Re-Farmer

6 thoughts on “Tulip carnage continues!

  1. Thinking about it, I’d have to agree it might not be deer. There’s only been a few tulips eaten each time for starters. Any decent sized deer would have wiped out all of them (or at least more of them). Even more true if there was more than one. None of the other greenery around them was touched either.

    I remember way back in the day when my grandfather was trying to keep the wildlife out of his garden, the smaller plants like that he made row cages for. 3 foot chicken wire fences all around and then he put chicken wire over the top too.

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