Fall planting: iris

I needed to make a run into town today, and by the time I came back, my daughter had selected a place to start planting, and gotten started.

She had selected Eye of the Tiger Iris, and I must say – Vesey’s really missed an opportunity for a punny name! 😀 Eye-ris of the Tiger? Eye of the Tigris? 😀

But I digress!

These needed to be planted in a location with plenty of sun and good drainage. She decided they would make a good border on the south edge of the old kitchen garden. She had been digging holes with a trowel for each of the 15 bulbs in the bag. She had forgotten that I found a good spade, buried in the garden shed! Things went much faster when I could just dig a trench for her, instead.

She just had to contend with a few rocks, instead!

We should now have a border of irises extending from the laundry platform, to the chives at the edge of the retaining wall corner.

The only thing left to plant now (until the back ordered items come in) are the Bulls Eye Tulips. These are a little more complicated. They need hard winters (we’ve got that), hot summers (we usually have that) and full sun (we can find that) but they also need to be in a dry location and NOT watered or fertilized in the summer. So we can’t plant them around anything we will be watering or fertilizing. One of the areas we were talking about planting in was by the stone cross, but that’s an area that collects water when the snow melts, so that’s out.

Pretty much the entire West yard is quite dry, though. We might plant them in where the crab apple and plum trees are, south of a row of lilacs. One end of that area does get full sunlight.

We have to decide soon, though. Those bulbs need to get into the ground!

The Re-Farmer

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