A bit more kitten progress!

Last night, I came out of the house to find I had an audience, watching me. 🙂

Very attentively!

When I came out this morning to refill their food containers, Braveheart came running right up to me – but not enough to let me pet her! 😀

Her brother, on the other hand, actually let me pet him!

His fur is soooo soft. 😀

Now, it would be because I had the scoop of food in my hands, and had just added some to the container – he was far more interested in the food than in me! When he did finally seem to notice I was petting him, he sort of moved away, but then went right back and let me pet him some more.

I honestly expected this level of progress with Braveheart, not Tabby!

The Re-Farmer

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