Morning kitties!

Beep Beep seems to enjoy her retirement to indoor life. This is how I found her this morning.

She just loves this corner of the couch, so my husband has been making nests for her.

Because we’re not sucks when it comes to the cats. Not at all!


The kittens were out and about this morning, so I made sure to get some photos. These are for you, Silk! A bit of virtual kitten therapy. 🙂

Rosencrantz sharing breakfast with a grandbaby!

I was going through some old photos last night and found photos of a cat I had forgotten about completely. They were taken last October. We were getting sudden visits from a white and grey tom. He didn’t hang around long, but I think he must still be around somewhere. He and Little Braveheart look very much alike!

Rosencratnz with… another grandbaby (or baby?)

I wasn’t able to get good pictures of Rosencrantz’s baby with the orange spots, but she was out this morning, too. 🙂

I had to zoom in to take this photo, with the cherry tree between us, so as not to startle Butterscotch’s babies away from the food.

Seeing Susan watching them from the window is just too funny!

Gosh, these guys look so small compared to the other kittens!

Little balls of fluff is all they are! I was eventually able to sit on a step near them, without them running away, but the calico and and the orange and white one stayed hidden in the mock orange beside me.

This little guy seems very suspicious of me!

What a cutie!

I’m curious abut Tabby’s mark on her nose. I thought it was a scar, but there is no sign of an actual wound. It’s an unbroken line of white fur.

I just love the patterns or grey in her fur.

Kittens are always a great way to start the day. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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