You WILL pay attention to me, says the cat

Walking around the yard in the mornings, it’s not usual for me to have a cat or two, following me along.  This morning was no exception.

Butterscotch, however, was much more demanding of attention than usual!  Especially when I stopped to try and get some photos.

I did manage to get a couple photos of lichen on some trees that were worth posting.


I just love those textures.


Even when I was a kid, I was fascinated by the look of lichen!

When I started walking around, Butterscotch was her usual self.  Dashing around my feet, trying to trip me, then running ahead.


When I paused for a few moments, she started rolling in the dirt, being thoroughly entertaining.


The Outsider followed along for a bit, though when he got close to Butterscotch, she started to hiss and bat at him.

Even Rosencrantz or Guildenstern started to follow along, though he hid behind a crab apple tree, when I tried to get a picture.

As I continued along between the spruce grove and the apple trees by the garden, Butterscotch got more insistent.


Yeah. She started climbing the back of my leg, too.

I ended up picking her up and carrying her for a while.

Her little feet were damp and cold.  Maybe that’s why she wanted up?

While I stopped to get photos of tree bark, this happened.


That is a very trusting cat.  If I so much as leaned backwards, down she would have went!


Look at her twisting and turning!

Look at that expression on her face. 😀


Then she decided to eat the bottom of my zipper.

Silly kitty!

The Re-Farmer

See my toe beans?

We have had a house guest for the past week and a half, which made for some creative sleeping arrangements that involved our king size mattress on the dining room floor.  We drove her to the airport in the wee hours of the morning, which meant we could clear it out again.  We won’t be able to lean the mattress against the dining room wall, as we had before, though, as we will be having guests tomorrow, and need to get it out.

For now, it’s leaning against the wall in the hallway.

The inside cats are loving it there as much as they loved it in the dining room.

Especially our mama cat.


She was rolling around up there in pure ecstasy.  It’s better than cat nip!  She paused in her rolling just long enough to show off some toe beans. 😀

She’s so funny!

The Re-Farmer

Today’s Critters

Not a lot of photos today, as I made it in to church at the next town – the church of my childhood this time.

I don’t know that I’ll be going back.  I’m not surprised that things have changed after all these years, but some of it came off as rather creepy – and that was just with the announcements before service even started!  The weird birthday blessing with outreached hands is something I’ve never seen before, and the community greeting before service started, where everyone was expected to go around shaking hands, was another new one for me.  It was enough to make ME uncomfortable, and I’m the sort of person who will happily greet strangers I’m introduced to with a hug and a kiss on each cheek.

It didn’t help that I could understand the priest half the time.  I have an auditory processing disorder, which means that while my hearing is fine, the message gets sometimes gets scrambled.  Sometimes I, literally, hear gibberish.  Other times, I get gaps.  I know words were spoken; I know my ears heard the sound, but it just didn’t make it to my brain.  Most of the time, I hear enough that I can figure out what I missed, but if there are visual distractions, strong accents, or if a person doesn’t enunciate clearly, it can be a struggle.  This priest seems to have an aversion to moving his mouth when speaking.  Between that and how the responses have changed since I went here as a kid, it made it difficult to follow the service.

I’m really hoping we won’t have to go to the city for church!

At least I should be able to go there to get our Easter baskets blessed.

Anyhow.  Back to the critters!


First up, we have another cheeky blue jay with a seed in its mouth.


The red squirrels were certainly enjoying the fact that the deer are too skittish to hang around.  Doesn’t this one look like the most polite little gentleman? 😀

The Beep Beep came by and plunked himself into a pile of seeds, and for a while, only the brave little chickadees and redpolls were willing to dive bomb the seeds around him.

Shortly after I took this, I noticed he’d moved to another pile of seeds.

Except… there was something odd about the way he was sitting there.

Something very… tense…

That’s when I realized he wasn’t sitting at all.

He was taking a dump.

In the seeds.

Which he then buried with snow.

What a jerk!

Later on, the girls called to me from upstairs, telling me to get the camera and look at the top of the dead spruce tree.

I got this next shot from the second floor.

That’s either Nasty Crime Boy or Trüllbus the Crime Eater.  Just hanging out, enjoying the view! 😀

Unlike Butterscotch, he had no issues getting back down again!

Too funny!

The Re-Farmer

I have floor space!

After much procrastinating, I had a chance to work on unpacking stuff in the office today.

With one large bin, I unpacked a only few things, but the rest of the items in it are van stuff, so that went out to join the growing stack of boxes along the wall in the dining room that need to be either put into storage or otherwise dealt with elsewhere.

I unpacked another medium bin, two small boxes of books and office stuff (I found my notebook with my passwords!  Yay!), and a medium box of crafting materials.  My crafting table is chaos, but at least the stuff is out and accessible. (Beads! Findings!  Glue guns! Yarn! Office supplies! … … … Stuff!)  Another small box of books got moved to another room for later unpacking there.  I was able to re-arrange things in the process, having cleared out some space on my storage shelf, giving me room for bins of inventory and supplies.

I’m nowhere near done, but the end result is…

More floor space!

I can actually back up my office chair and not bash into the bins that were behind me before.  It’s amazing how much bigger this tiny room feels now!


Bin Cat.

This happened.

After I removed the last items from the bin and took them to the room they belonged in, I came back to find DaBoy had hopped in.  He loves to go into boxes and bins and hard sided reusable grocery bags, and just sit there.

I wanted to move the bin out, so I popped the flap lids over him and carried him out with it.  I put it on top of the bin of van stuff and let the girls know that the bin was now available for any use it might be wanted for, as I opened the flaps.  Of course, they got a giggle out of my special delivery, as this furry head popped out.

I figured he’d leave after that, but nope.  He ended up sitting there, just as he is in the photo above, for probably an hour.

He’s such a chill dude.

The Re-Farmer

Our Cat is Broken Again

We have had many cats over the years. At one point, we were an impromptu cat shelter and had a dozen of them at once, but only a couple were ours.

We have never had a cat that liked to do this at all, never mind so frequently. It seems he’s more comfortable upside down than right side up!

The Re-Farmer