The Data Vampire, returns!

After monitoring my system data usage through April, I thought for sure the Data Vampire had been vanquished.  In fact, I didn't even bother resetting the data usage meter when I checked it at the end of the month. Even though there was a sudden spike of almost 25 gigs at the end of the … Continue reading The Data Vampire, returns!

Hoop Jumping, discoveries and tech upgrades

Since moving out here, there have been quite a few things that we've tried to do that needed unusual hoop jumping.  The most severe being our issues with transferring our identification, but another has been getting an internet connection.  Since we couldn't afford to have a minimum 60ft tower installed, we had to go with … Continue reading Hoop Jumping, discoveries and tech upgrades

A New Furry Friend! Plus techie updates

This morning, I had an appointment with my cousin, who had replaced the water pump on my van a while back.  That would be the one that the garage is saying needs to be replaced, and that it was loose. The water pump is fine.  And if it weren't, it's still under warranty, and he'd … Continue reading A New Furry Friend! Plus techie updates

The lengths we go to…

Okay, so having an internet connection was a necessity for our living here, for a variety of reasons.  We had to settle for satellite, which is better than nothing, but has limitations. As the router is in my office, my desktop is hard wired.  Everyone else is on wireless. That, too, has limitations.  These range … Continue reading The lengths we go to…