The lengths we go to…

Okay, so having an internet connection was a necessity for our living here, for a variety of reasons.  We had to settle for satellite, which is better than nothing, but has limitations.

As the router is in my office, my desktop is hard wired.  Everyone else is on wireless.

That, too, has limitations.  These range from sporadic connectivity (I get that even with my hard wired desktop) to slower speed. Even with the use of a wireless booster, which we had handy because we needed them even in the townhouse we lived in before the move, it’s still an issue in parts of the house.  Whether that is due to wireless issues, or our satellite itself, there’s no way to know for sure.

My husband’s desktop still isn’t working, so he’s using his work laptop.  Due to space restrictions, he’s set up in the living room.  That gives him the added bonus of using the big screen TV left behind for us as a second monitor.

The wireless connection, however, is causing him some problems.

Well, we’re nothing if not prepared.  Among the things that we didn’t get rid of when purging before the move was a very long internet cable.  We’d picked it up some years ago when we lived in a different townhouse unit, and had to run a cable from the modem on one floor, to a computer on another floor.  Wireless wasn’t a thing, back then.  We never needed to use it when we transferred to a larger townhouse.

It’s at least 50 feet long.  Probably longer.

So my darling husband decided to make use of it to hard wire his laptop for his internet connection.  He set it up and tested it out, and it works (though not in the first port he tried).

Unfortunately, both ends of the cable have had the little plastic bits that lock it into the port broken off.  That’s not a problem at the laptop end, but the router is mounted on the wall, so the cable would eventually fall out, just from its own weight.

Gorilla Tape to the rescue.

This is what we now have set up.

The cable is taped into place on the router on the wall.

It then runs behind my desk, along the wall to the closet I currently have blocked with a shelf full of unpacked boxes, along another wall, behind that shelf, plus another I’ve unpacked inventory into, to the door.  It then goes around the door, along the other side of the wall and the back of the closet, to the stairs to the New Part of the house.

It then runs across a step riser to the opposite wall before going up into the New Part of the house.

Then it runs along the front of one divider shelf, across the entry into the living room, along the back of the next divider shelf, to the corner behind the chair in my crochet corner.

From there, it runs up the wall to where the laptop is set up.

And there is still slack in the cable.  Which will be rolled up and hidden behind my chair.

As I write this, my younger daughter – the only one in the household with knees that are nimble enough – is setting up Command Strip hooks along the path, which will hold the cable in place so no one can trip over it.

All this to get a better internet connection.

Redneck geeks.  That’s what we are.

The Re-farmer

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