Last night, we were blessed with some awesome visitors.  My son from another mother and his Lady Fair came with their mechanical beast of burden and three animal side kicks.

It was fantastic to see them as they have their own major move, even farther than ours.

So we had our New Year’s dinner early and stayed up to the wee hours.  Good company, good food and good conversation.  Can life get any better?

Well, it could have for our own cats, unfortunately.  While DaBoy would probably have settled in with our animal visitors fairly well, especially since we shared our home with the two cats for some time, his mama was far less tolerant.  When she saw the dog, much to my surprise, she didn’t run off.  No, she was the one who was going to chase him!  The poor dog was just trying to be friendly, too, but she would have none of it.

After much crashing and banging and knocking over of things, we had to close up our own cats into the office for the night.  We moved their food, water and litter in with them, of course, and would pop in to give them some loving, but they were not happy campers.  Mama has always been more of a bundle of nerves than her much more laid back son, but her frazzled mood rubbed off on him a bit, too.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard him growl before!  Even while they were on my work table, where a bed was set up for them, and I pet them, she wouldn’t stop prowling back and forth, in between freezing and staring at the space under the door.  She could tell when the other cats were in the hall, no matter how quiet they were.  And if the sound of a dog coming down the hall reached her, the growling would start as well.

That cat just doesn’t know how to chill.

Our animal guests, however, were much more relaxed.

Just look at those eyes!  What a dream of a dog.

Despite having cats for so many years, we’re actually kinda dog people.  We just haven’t been able to have dogs for one reason or another, but somehow managed to have lots of cats.


Getting a dog is definitely one of our plans.  Until do finally do, we get to love on other people’s dogs.  Like this beautiful beast.  Such a gentleman, too!

The cats enthusiastically explored every nook and cranny they could, and disappeared a few times in the process.  I think they still remembered us, but it has been long enough that they weren’t quite comfortable enough for cuddles.  At least not from us.  But we at least got to pet them, eventually.

Sharing some love.

And of course, they got cuddles from their human.  They are so hilarious.  They just love being held like babies and snuggled close.

They also found the catnip pillows to play with, which was quite hilarious to watch.

Getting photos, however, was a challenge!  They hardly ever stayed still long enough.  Plus, with a black dog and a black cat, they are notoriously difficult to get photos of.

“Get that thing out of my face, or else!”

They tend to be just black blurs, so I’m happy to have managed a few good shots with my phone camera.

One of the cats, however, knows what’s going on when that phone comes out, and does NOT like getting her photo taken!  Not even while getting cuddles.

Can you imagine road tripping across the country with these three?  Awesome!

It was a grand visit, all round.  I am so glad they were able to stop by and stay the night.  Who knows how long it will be before we can see each other again, in person.

The Re-farmer










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