For Real?

I’m just…

I don’t know what to even think anymore.

With the way things have been the last while, we have done very little unpacking.  However, stacked in the hall were a couple of boxes with bathroom stuff; one from the second floor bathroom, one from the first floor bathroom.

These were boxes the movers packed.  We’d opened them just enough to see what room they were from, then set them aside, because we have yet to clear out our bathroom, here, to be able to unpack them.  One box had a little rolling shelf from the second floor bathroom that was dismantled, which was easy to spot because the sides of it were taller than the box itself, but they stuck it in there anyhow, then forced the flaps closed over it.  I’d taken that out and put it together, but otherwise didn’t look into the box much.

Until today.

With the bitter cold, I decided I wanted to take a long, hot soak in the tub.  With Epsom salts, if I could find our container.  I knew it should be in the second floor bathroom box, so I went digging, and sure enough, it was there.

In the process of going through the box, however, I was absolutely disgusted by what I found.

This photo shows part of it; things are moved around and I’ve taken some things out, but it really was jumbled up already.
The box turned out to also have stuff from the laundry room, including a whole bunch of light bulbs.  Plus an empty light bulb box.  Though it might have been empty because the bulbs in it fell out.

That garbage can?  Though we made sure it was empty, the can itself had not been washed.

Inside the garbage can, along with a bucket that was used to hold cleaning brushes (one of which can be seen in the photo), was the toilet brush in its container, which I have removed already.  You see that package with the unused toothbrush in it?  That was in there, too, right alongside the toilet brush.

When the movers came, we had to leave and sit in the van with the cats and the plants, so neither would freeze, so I was never able to pack up the toiletries I had intended to bring along for the drive.  My jar of hair elastics is in there, along with my hair brush.  The toothbrush holder, with my toothbrush still in it, was also just tossed in.  I’ve found the toothbrush, but the toothpaste that it also held seems to be buried somewhere on the bottom.

Also buried in there was a dish that had shaving soap and a shaving brush in it.  It, too, was just tossed in.  Various sundry items on the counter, like my bottle of argan oil, were tossed in.  There’s a bottle of nail polish remover in the garbage can, too. This, even though they made a big deal about not taking liquids.  Aerosol cans were also not to be included, yet my can of hair spray is in there.

You know what else is buried in there?

Our plumber’s snake.  The second floor toilet got plugged up frequently, so the plumber’s snake was used quite a few times, until we finally gave up and started using the downstairs bathroom instead.

This stuff wasn’t packed.  It was just thrown in.

I’m going to have to throw out the toothbrushes and hair brush, at the very least.

I’m just disgusted.

There is still the other bathroom box to go through, and I’m not looking forward to it.

We seem to be missing a third bathroom box.  After finding the stock pot, I had hoped we would also find the box that held my daughters’ stuff from the third floor bathroom.  These included some rather pricey Lush products they’d bought before my younger daughter and my husband had to leave so suddenly.  My older daughter had put them together into a bag, but there’s no sign of it yet.

What a disaster this company has been.  I can’t even remember the name of the company they contracted with for the packing and loading.  It was not the same as the company that delivered and unloaded.

Which means the moving company contracted our move out to two different crappy contractors.

I am still waiting for a response for our damages claim, but if there is a missing box, it’s well past the 10 days we had to include anything like that in the claim.

The Re-Farmer

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