This morning, things were quiet at our feeding station.  Basically, just a few birds.  Then, after I put more feed out, I was able to get this shot…


Butterscotch, in the middle of a pile of seeds, watching the birds flying in and out around her.

Sadly, those were the last photos our Nikon was able to get today.  Though I took more shots, and some even showed up on the preview screen, as they normally do when they’re saved to the memory card, none were actually there when I looked at the card. So even when it seemed to be working, the camera wasn’t working.

Which left me using my phone for any other shots I managed to get when the deer arrived, shortly before noon.

My goodness, what a show!

I could see some movement through the spruces, into the garden, letting me know that a deer was coming.  Then, as that one started dashing around the edge of the trees by the garden, I could see more.  Soon, there were FIVE deer, all running over around the corner of the spruce grove!

Hungry Girl had been in the lead, but the other four soon drove her off.  She stayed by the compost pile near the garden for a while, as Barbecue, Mama and the twins began eating.  Then Mama chased away Barbecue, who went over by Hungry Girl and stayed.  After a while, Barbecue started come come closer, only to get chased away by one of the twins!  As if that wasn’t surprise enough, Hungry Girl not only stood her ground, but chased the twin.  It worked out to chasing it back to the feed, but still, it was good to see Hungry Girl standing up for herself.


Farthest away on the left, Hungry Girl, with Barbecue nearby.  At the feed, the twins are in front, while Mama is behind one of them.

Then Mama chased them both off.

Over the next while, there was all sorts of back and forthing, as the deer chased each other to assert dominance (Mama is the Alpha.  No question!).  Then I saw the twins running around, thinking at first that they were going after Hungry Girl and Barbecue, but no.  They were just playing!

Eventually, Mama and the twins left, and Hungry Girl came running in for her turn at the feed.  Barbecue came around, too, and started to chase her off, but she instead moved to another pile of feed, and they ate together.

It was just incredible to watch them!

My husband and I are now talking about getting a motion sensor camera outside, to record some of the activity out there.  It was something I’d considered already; a system something like what my older brother has around his out.  Plus a remote control gate!  If we set one up at the corner of the house by the living room window, we should be able to get all kinds of cool activity. 🙂

All in good time.

Things quieted down when the feed was pretty much gone.  The birds still found enough to come back.

Then this guy showed up.


This tiny little guy was very shy and nervous coming over, alone.  After looking closely at the photos, this is either a new visitor, or one of the twins, come back on its own.

Either way, it’s so cool!!!!

The Re-Farmer



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