Our 2022 garden: yellow pear tomatoes


While doing my evening rounds, I checked on the ripening yellow pear tomatoes to see how ready they were. I touched one, and it fell off!

Checking on the other brightest tomatoes, and they all easily came off the vines.

I gave them to my daughters, asking them to let me know how they tasted. 😊

It’s rather funny how excited I get about ripe tomatoes, when I can’t even eat them myself, without processing the heck out of them first. 😂

The Re-Farmer

In the sun

I just couldn’t resist sharing these photos!

I’m happy to say that last night’s frost seems to have had no effect on the sunflowers at all.

The only leaves with frost damage that I saw were leaves that had first been broken by the high winds we had a few days ago.

Right now, we’ve got seed heads at pretty much all stages of opening and ripening!

The birds seem to have finally discovered this one. Based on what I researched, I should be able to cut this seed head off and set it up to dry, but in the video I saw that demonstrated this, the guy was able to easily brush off the flower heads from the seeds. That isn’t happening on this seed head at all! The ones that haven’t already fallen off on their own are still attached quite well.

The girls and I will be heading into the city tomorrow, but I might harvest this seed head after we come back. If not then, then the day after. I’m planning to dig up the potato beds as well. We’ll see how the timing of things goes.

Hopefully, tomorrow’s trip to the city will be more productive than today’s – but that will get it’s own post later!

The Re-Farmer


The grapes are looking so great!

Our first summer here, when we found the grapes among the overgrown spirea, the ripe grapes were barely bigger than the seeds. I was still excited, because… we had grapes! And they made great jelly (this from someone who does NOT like jams and jellies), and still tasted great, straight from the vine.

This year, they look massive in comparison. I am really looking forward to seeing how they are when fully ripe!!

The Re-Farmer