Our 2022 garden: yellow pear tomatoes


While doing my evening rounds, I checked on the ripening yellow pear tomatoes to see how ready they were. I touched one, and it fell off!

Checking on the other brightest tomatoes, and they all easily came off the vines.

I gave them to my daughters, asking them to let me know how they tasted. 😊

It’s rather funny how excited I get about ripe tomatoes, when I can’t even eat them myself, without processing the heck out of them first. 😂

The Re-Farmer

5 thoughts on “Our 2022 garden: yellow pear tomatoes

      • Usually I buy plants as I never have much luck trying to grow from seed. I could not find the plants plus the fact that plants were outrageous this year. I did try to grow some from seed but even though they started, the plants were not strong enough and failed.

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      • I think it was partly because I started too late and our summer sun in its intensity was simply too much for them. If we have a next year, I think I will start earlier and maybe then they will have the size and strength to survive.

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