Photo of the Day: Spoiled beast!

Dave likes to sit on my husband’s chest while he tries to use his computer. Which typically results in my husband losing the use of at least one hand, because he ends up having to support a cat butt.

The house is getting a bit chilly these days, so my husband has taken to wearing a vest. Dave quickly discovered that the inside of the vest makes a nice warm nest, while my husband discovered that the vest frees up both his hands so he can use the computer.

Win, win!

They have been spending quality time together in the mornings.

What a beastly beast he is! 😀

The Re-Farmer

Picture(s) of the Day: handsome goof!

One of the beauties of digital photography is the ability to take a lot of quick shots and hope to get at least a couple of good ones out of the bunch, and not worry about running out of film.

It also means that, when I finally get around to uploading the photos and seeing them on the desktop, I get to see some hilarious catches, like this.

That face.

That marvelous, goofy face!

I also got him as his usual, handsome self.

Photo(s) of the Day: what’s going on here?

When topping up the bird bath with warm water, I could see where the cats had licked a hole though the ice on the surface to get at the water below. The hole got bigger when warm water was added to it. Potato Beetle was absolutely fascinated by it. He kept prowling around it. Water and bubbles must have been sloshing on one side as he did, because he kept going from the hole, so a spot beside it. Eventually, he started dipping his entire leg through the hole, causing something to to move on the side, which would catch is attention. Back and forth he kept going!

It was quite entertaining. 😀

Photo(s) of the Day: water cats

Before things started to stay below freezing, I was able to give the bird bath a thorough scrubbing and add a bit of water. Which froze overnight, so I added more in the morning.

The cats just can’t get enough of that. Here, the top layer has frozen, so there are bubbles moving underneath that entrance them, but even while the water is freshly added, they’ll jump into it, getting their paws all wet!

Silly kitties.

They’re going to have to stop doing that soon, or they’ll get frostbite!

Our new toy

First off, many thanks to Elfidd for mentioning using a snow rake in the comments of my last post. How did I not know about such a tool? After doing some searches and discovering not only what it was, but how affordable it was, I left early to pick up my daughter, so I could stop at the hardware store.

I got their last one. A telescoping version.

I’m extra glad I left so early, though. Road conditions had deteriorated quite a bit since this morning. All the areas that had blowing snow this morning, now had blowing snow over ice and snow – which was trying to melt and freeze at the same time! I was just driving through our little hamlet when I got a warning of what was to come – a car in the ditch! There was no one inside; between a farm house nearby, and our little town in the other direction, this person would be okay. Getting that car out of there is not going to be easy, though. 😦

Driving past it, I could see the car’s tracks. My guess is, as soon as the car hit the ice, it got blown off the road. The wind made driving on the ice more dangerous than the ice itself. (I’ve been eyeballing the trees around the house with trepidation all day!)

We will be leaving early, tomorrow morning.


The snow rake needed to be assembled, and tools were needed, so I set up in the living room and started working on it.

In seconds after I got my wrench, my tool kit was occupied.


What a silly girl!

I did, however, need to get to the tray of tools under her, so I got her off, moved the foam, took out the tray, moved the other piece of foam, got my pliers and…


That girl is faaaast!

The assembly was much easier than reading the pictographic instructions. Yeesh! But I got it done!


There’s my other helper! Silly boy! 😀

This will be very useful over the next couple of days. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

Cat Routine

What a day it is turning out to be, today!

It’s supposed to be the last colder day, today (which has since been extended another day). Though it’s supposed to warm up to -9C this afternoon, high winds are expected to make things chillier. Which has translated to a day with sunny skies and calm one minute, blustering snow and low visibility the next, then back again!


I just wanted to share this picture I took of Rolando Moon yesterday morning, before I took the video I posted yesterday. She was so funny, up on the bird feeder. She wouldn’t come down until I started adding more feed to the platform for the birds. 😀


It didn’t take her long to get back up again, and she spent quite a bit of time up there, watching the birds, deer and other cats, from on high.

After seeing Butterscotch’s condition yesterday, we kept checking out the bathroom window to see how she was doing. She stayed in there for much of the day, sitting on my late father’s favorite swing bench. At one point, she had 5 other cats all bundled around her!

I managed to get a picture of this, through the window.

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Morning cats (videos)

The outside cats have been quite entertaining, the last couple of days.

Before heading out to do my rounds yesterday morning, I saw Beep Beep going up one of the trees outside my window – soon followed by Slick. I figured they were heading for the roof again.

When I got to the feeding station, I found Beep Beep, out on a limb. 😀

I think this was her way to get away from the boys!

Now I know why I’m finding small branches where the path I made around the house turns. She’s directly above that spot! 🙂

Then, this morning, I went to the feeding station and found the platform feeder occupied.

Ah, Rolando Moon. So violent in her friendliness!

Not all in the morning rounds is fun stuff, though.

Normally, when I do my rounds, Butterscotch comes to join me. The last couple of days, I never saw her at all; not even curled up in the sun room. The last time I’d seen her was when I took her picture, in this post. When I didn’t see her at all for so long, I feared the worst.

This morning, while I was putting food and water out in the sun room, suddenly she was there! She is still not looking good. One eye had been leaking, and it was stuck shut. She seemed to be cough-sneezing a lot, too. But she was eating and drinking, and moving around more sprightly than the last time I saw her, so that’s encouraging. I do hope the warming weather we’re supposed to have is a help to her. According to the long term forecast, we’re supposed to be just below freezing in about a week, then actually go above freezing!

We’ll see if that actually happens.

The Re-Farmer

They’re BaaaAAAaack!

We’ve had ourselves an afternoon of kittens and cows! 😀

My daughter and I had to head into town this afternoon, but as we left the house, we got distracted by a Doom Guy.


Who is starting to get used to this whole “being held” thing, and enjoying head scritches.  Oh, was he purring up a storm!

The girls had gone out to see the kittens this morning, too, and he allowed himself to be picked up.  It has been quite chilly, so I think he is appreciating the body heat that comes from being held by a human! 😀

I think this is having an effect on the other kittens, too.  They’re starting to come closer, even if they don’t let us come near them.  Though they also seem to be begging for treats, too.  More on that, later! 😀

When we got back from town and pulled up to the gate, we found cows!  Just a few of them in the outer yard, while others were in the old hay yard.  There was no surge of the entire herd coming in like last time.

The vehicle and people gates to the yard were open, as was the garage door, when we left.  !!

Thankfully, no cows were in the garage.  While I closed the vehicle gate to the inner yard, my daughter got her stuff from the van and closed up the garage.  Then I went to check the electric wire gate by the barn, because I could see that the insulated wire holders were still upright.  I found the wire broken and dragged into the outer yard, so I paused to move it aside, so no cows would get tangled in it. As I did that, one of the cows came walking past me, through the gate.


This immediately concerned me, because she was limping very heavily on a front leg.  I followed her a bit and managed to get a picture of her looking back at me on her right.  This allowed me to zoom in on the photo and read the number on her ear tag.

I then went in (making sure the people gate was closed up) and phoned up the renter to let him know his cows had come through again.  We both think the recent rains (another thunderstorm came through last night) has been causing problems with his electric fence.  I let him know the tag number on the injured cow, though with how heavily she was limping, she would be hard to miss.

After I called him, I went to walk around the yard, just in case a cow got in and no one noticed.  We do have a couple of gaps in the fence by the old log building that a determined cow could get through, even if the gates were closed.

Walking around was much more challenging than expected!  Butterscotch came over and kept winding herself around my legs as I walked.  As much as I tried to avoid it, I still ended up kicking her in the head, at least twice.  Do you think that stopped her?  Not a chance!

Beep Beep and several kittens followed along, too!

They were most definitely begging for treats. 😀

Even the shy kittens were following me along.


Rosencrantz, or Gildenstern, came along, then the bigger orange tabby came running, too. 😀

Even pausing to take the photo was an unexpected challenge. 😀

Butterscotch may not like being picked up, but she was certainly willing to try climbing my leg!

About an hour later, I could hear an engine, letting me know the renter was here, so I went out again.  The cows were nice and co-operative about getting back to the barn side of the fence.  We stopped to talk for a bit, and it now looks like I’ll be buying a round bale of straw from him. 😀  I had made arrangements to get 6 small square straw bales delivered a few days ago from someone else.  I only need enough to cover the top of the septic tank, then plan to layer the rest on the smaller garden by the Old Kitchen.  Unfortunately, the person never showed up, and hasn’t been answering my messages, so I don’t know what’s going on.  I asked if he could recommend someone I could buy from, and after asking what I needed, he said he could sell me one.  A round bale will have much more straw than we need, but it won’t go to waste, that’s for sure.  When things dry up later, he’ll deliver one into our yard for us.  Unlike smaller straw bales, there’s no way we’d be able to get it into the yard ourselves!

I also let him know how much we are enjoying his cows, and made sure to let him know we didn’t mind them getting through the gate.  My only concern is that, with all the stuff around, they’ll get hurt.  Which I’m hoping is not what happened to the limping cow.  It could just be a rock in her hoof, but until he gets a look, there’s no way to know.  There was visible sign of an injury other than her limping.  We did joke about how curious they are, and get into everything.  Do they ever!  They are so interested in the cats, too.

A unexpected bonus with the cows breaking through the fence.  I’m getting to know the renter more, and he’s a really nice guy. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

Kitten Heaven!

The kittens have been tearing around all over the place!

Last night, I spent some time outside with them, tossing out cat treats in various directions.  The tuxedo was once again the only kitten that would come near me, and even allowed me to pet him.

This afternoon, while heading out to go pick up some prescription refills, they heard as and all came out – even the ones that wouldn’t come near us.  My husband has been putting food out for them in the mornings, but they didn’t all come out until later.

So of course, my daughter and I paused to say hello.

Beep Beep’s kittens now have names.  Meet Doom Guy, the tuxedo.


Who loves my daughter’s new purse!

While we were out, we started to hear some plaintive meowing from… somewhere.

It turned out to be one of the inside cats, at the kitchen window.

Beep Beep’s tabby went to take a look.  Meet Corvo (why yes, my daughters are gamers… why do you ask? LOL)


He had even stretched up, with his paws on the wall, trying to get closer to the window, but I wasn’t able to get a picture.  Too cute!


Butterscotch, three of her babies, and Beep Beep, at the food bowls.  The larger orange tabby made a showing, but I wasn’t able to get a picture of him.

Then, something amazing happened.


Doom Guy allowed my daughter to pick him up.  He not only stayed (though he wasn’t quite sure how to handle being held) and let us pet him, but even started to purr!!

So awesome!

Just before we left, my daughter had to rescue her bag again. 😀

Well, okay. He’s not quite comfortable around us, yet. 😀

In other things; it had been my plan to work along the fence line today, but it was much chillier than I expected.  So it was a morning to do some crochet.  Later on, I’ll be making a big batch of chili in the crock pot, and setting some aside in jars for my mother, for when she comes home from the hospital.  Between my siblings and I, she will hopefully not have to cook for quite some time, and can focus on recovery.  Though there has been come discomfort for her, everything has been going very well with her.  At the moment, she’s expected to come home on Saturday, and my older brother plans to stay with her for a few days, to help her out.  We should know by then if she will need home care or not, too.  I hope she does get it, just to make sure she doesn’t over do things too early.  My family is notorious for ignoring pain or injury and pushing ourselves through it, even when we shouldn’t! 😀

The Re-Farmer