We have a trailer… sortof

Yesterday, being Sunday, my daughter had a short shift and I was planning to stay in town again. I ended up meeting with my older brother and his wife, and we were able to spend a couple of wonderful hours together.

They are such great people!

At one point, we got to talking about how useful it would be for us to have a trailer, and how expensive new ones are. Apparently, there had been a small trailer by the garage, but it disappeared before we moved here.

Then they remembered.

We do still have a trailer.

Sort of.

They told me where it was, so when I did my evening rounds before it got dark, I went looking for it.

There it is!

It’s upside down and, if the renter’s cows had not already been through here and cleared away the hip high grass, I would never have seen it!

Apparently, all it needs is wheels (which I’m told are really cheap) and some plywood for a floor, and we’ve got a usable trailer!

I’m hoping it really does turn out to be that easy.

As it is, we might not be able to do even that, next month. It depends on how much a plumber cost.

As of today…

… we have no hot water.

We had hot water this morning, but by this afternoon, it was gone. Whatever was causing the tank to keep heating the water hotter and hotter is likely to have caused the tank to fail.

It should still be under warranty, though. Hopefully, whatever the problem is, is covered by that warranty!

I guess I should call the plumber again and let him know. :-/

The Re-Farmer

7 thoughts on “We have a trailer… sortof

    • It would if we had plans to use it on the road. Our van doesn’t have a tow hitch, though, so it’s a moot point for us right now. We would be able to tow it around the yard with our lawn tractor, though.


      • My state was “amazing” about getting a license for a home built trailer. They wanted me to bring it up to their office so they could inspect it…But they couldn’t issue me a permit to take it on the roadway until they inspected it. Sigh…

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      • That’s hilarious!!

        I’m told it’s very inexpensive to register a trailer, but if I were to go in to register it at some point, I don’t know how I would prove ownership!


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