Night Time Visitors

My daughter and I headed out last night to close the cats up in the sun room (the 6 remaining kittens, Beep Beep and, lately, Doom Guy).

The first thing we saw was a skunk running off towards to storage house.

Which meant there could be…

… yup…

A second one was inside the sun room, eating cat kibble.

It took a while to convince this one to come out.

They both ended up under the storage house. I find myself wondering if they’ve got a “nest” under there or something.

I’m just sort of assuming that these are the same pair we saw before.

Gosh, they’re cute.

The Re-Farmer

3 thoughts on “Night Time Visitors

  1. They are cute. I met a couple years ago that raised de-scented skunks as pets. They cna be very affectionate apparently. It’s also like having a pet monkey or an out of control toddler though; they get into EVERYTHING and have no problem opening cabinets, etc…

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