Our new toy

First off, many thanks to Elfidd for mentioning using a snow rake in the comments of my last post. How did I not know about such a tool? After doing some searches and discovering not only what it was, but how affordable it was, I left early to pick up my daughter, so I could stop at the hardware store.

I got their last one. A telescoping version.

I’m extra glad I left so early, though. Road conditions had deteriorated quite a bit since this morning. All the areas that had blowing snow this morning, now had blowing snow over ice and snow – which was trying to melt and freeze at the same time! I was just driving through our little hamlet when I got a warning of what was to come – a car in the ditch! There was no one inside; between a farm house nearby, and our little town in the other direction, this person would be okay. Getting that car out of there is not going to be easy, though. 😦

Driving past it, I could see the car’s tracks. My guess is, as soon as the car hit the ice, it got blown off the road. The wind made driving on the ice more dangerous than the ice itself. (I’ve been eyeballing the trees around the house with trepidation all day!)

We will be leaving early, tomorrow morning.


The snow rake needed to be assembled, and tools were needed, so I set up in the living room and started working on it.

In seconds after I got my wrench, my tool kit was occupied.


What a silly girl!

I did, however, need to get to the tray of tools under her, so I got her off, moved the foam, took out the tray, moved the other piece of foam, got my pliers and…


That girl is faaaast!

The assembly was much easier than reading the pictographic instructions. Yeesh! But I got it done!


There’s my other helper! Silly boy! 😀

This will be very useful over the next couple of days. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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