CamPark T40 Trail Camera unboxing

I have been really looking forward to this new trail camera! This brand is not available in any of our local stores. The ones I've seen are pretty much the same design, if not the brand, of what we already had. I was perfectly willing to go with the same brand to replace the old … Continue reading CamPark T40 Trail Camera unboxing

Spot the Bald Patch, and Creeper is creeping

As usual, I had furry company while I did my rounds this morning. Including Two-Face. She found a patch of ground some critter had been digging in, against a tree root, leaving a softer pile of dirt. She hunkered down on the warmer patch it created and wouldn't move! 😀 Can you spot the bald … Continue reading Spot the Bald Patch, and Creeper is creeping