T200 Trail Cam unboxing


I actually made this video shortly after we got the camera, using the still-new-to-me Movavi software. There was a new update when I opened the software, which I downloaded first. I made the video – disappointed to discover music files I had been using before had been completely replaced with new ones, but everything worked fine.

Until it was time to export the finished video to a format that could be uploaded, and I kept getting error messages.

After many failures, I sent a message to customer support that never got answered. I also saw in their beta community that others were having this problem, and the recommended solutions did nothing.

Today, I opened the software to find a new update. I downloaded and installed the update, and now it’s working just fine again!

Since this was made, the camera has been moved slightly, but that’s about it. So far, everything is working just fine.

Winter will still be the big test, though!

The Re-Farmer

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