Spring snow

Well, the forecasts were actually right for a change! Somewhat. When I checked the forecasts last night, they were suggesting the southern areas of our province might not get any snow at all, or if they did, it would be just a bit. The system was expected to hit more of the Northern areas of … Continue reading Spring snow

We’re melting! Plus, vet trip arranged

Oh, my goodness! It is so incredibly warm out there right now! The Weather Network app on my desktop has not been working well with our intermittent internet connection, and often will not update at all, but the weather app that came with my computer seems to get through better. (Even while writing a post, … Continue reading We’re melting! Plus, vet trip arranged


It was a hot day to be taking my mother for her medical appointment in a van with no air conditioning! It was already cooling down when I took the above screencap. 28C/82F, with the humidex bringing it to 35C/95F From the weather radar, I don't expect to get that predicted thunderstorm; it appears to … Continue reading Melting