Almost There

This is it.  Our last day to finish readying everything for the move.

Yesterday started out as the day from hell.  We didn’t get to hauling out various things, but the aquarium got cleaned and, thanks to a dear friend who has gone above and beyond, we got massive amounts of other progress.  A set back of discovering we could not go to Goodwill and the eco station as planned was solved by bringing in someone who would take care of it for a small fee.  She will be back again today.


For my daughter and I, we are reaching our physical limits.  Just going up or down a flight of stairs will sometimes require stopping to rest.  We are running on energy drinks and coffee.  And pain killers.

And yet, by the end of the day, I was feeling good.  Part of it is likely because I’ve gone beyond panic mode and into the “I have no f***s to give,” mode.

However it goes, by the end of the day, it’s out of our hands. The movers come in the morning, and it will cost what it will cost. We’ll get the final tally after they go through a government scale.

Our move out inspection will be done that evening, and then we hit the road.

Our family should be under one roof again in two days.

Until then, I will enjoy some good company at a goodbye brunch being held for us. And we will get that big stuff out this evening.  We will get the stuff that will go in the van with us ready to go, including the cat carriers and litter box.  After those get loaded up tomorrow morning, everything else is up to the movers.

It’s almost done.

The Re-farmer

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