Now what?

We’ve had our first night at the farm, all together again.

It is time for us to decide, “now what?”

The state of the house is a shambles, of course. I expected that.  Even though a family member had already hauled stuff out and started boxing things, it’s actually worse than I remember it. Not only is there decades of possessions to remove (my mother seems to have had a thing for mirrors and flashlights); but what the house really needs is a top to bottom renovation.

At this point, we are considering having the movers put our stuff into storage for several weeks. We have up to 5 weeks as part of our contract.  That would give us time to start clearing the house.

Meanwhile, I have to pick up a small aquarium kit to keep my plants and two little fish alive until the 90 gallon tank gets here. 

And we still need to figure out internet.  That is s priority.

Until then, here I sit with my husband at Ikea, updating our devices, checking our email, and catching up.

2 thoughts on “Now what?

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