The little things… 

So the rest of the family made it out this week. It was really good to finally be together again. While the move wasn’t without drama, the road trip out was safe and they got here tired but happy 🙂
The cats were missed, and apparently they returned the sentiment. 😀

We did have some casualties, however; the fish didn’t make it. We’re pretty sure it was the cold of the trip or the initial night here in a bucket that disagreed with them. We got a small tank to house them (and the plants) until our larger tank arrives, but since the fish went to the great big pond in the sky, we’re forced to manually manage the CO2 levels for the plants.

While there are many, *many* bad jokes here, it reminded me of how much I missed the other half of the family while we were apart. The unintended humour, the smarmy comments, the giggle of the kids, all the things that define the family dynamics.

It’s easy to take these things for granted, and while I grumbled at the need for a month long family split I am glad for the reminder of exactly how blessed I am to be part of this family.


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