Legal Options

Some time ago, I signed up with a program for access to legal assistance.  I think there are a few of these companies.  Basically, you pay a monthly fee for membership, and it gives you access to a law firm, where you can get certain services covered by the membership, while others services are provided at discounted rates.

This has come in handy over the years, as I’ve sought advice for when my family and I were being threatened and harassed by someone we had made the mistake of trying to help, and had to deal with restraining orders and courts.  It came in handy when the dealership screwed us over with our van, and I sought advice.  It came in handy when things were getting worse and worse at the co-op we lived in, when I started getting threats from our board at the time, and an employee.  The membership fee has more than paid for itself.

Now that we are in another province, we will have access to a firm in The City.  With the situation with the movers, and still no response in regards to them fixing the damage the driver did to our power pole, I called them this morning.  For an initial call, information is gathered, then passed on to a lawyer, then the lawyer calls back within 8 business hours.

The funny thing?

The moving company is based in the city we moved away from.  Which means the notes for my call will be sent to the firm in that city to discuss my concerns.

So even though I’m now in another province, I’ll be dealing with the same firm I dealt with before the move!

The Re-Farmer

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