Morning Rays

I visited the beach after dropping my daughter off at work today.  It was so beautiful!


After the storms last night, the lake is very calm this morning.


Though I am far from a morning person, I enjoy driving my daughter for her early shifts and being able to visit the beach this early.  I hung around, taking photos, playing Pokemon Go, and looking for interesting rocks, for about half an hour.  By 8:30 a.m., the beach was already getting crowded.  There were even people playing beach volleyball!  Well, it’s Saturday on a long weekend, so I guess that’s to be expected.  Especially a festival weekend.  There’s an annual festival held on the first weekend of August in town that has been going on for the last 80+ years here.  I remember going to it as a child and teen, and it seemed to get smaller and smaller every year.  By the time I moved away, I honestly wondered how much longer it would continue.  Trends changed over the years, though, the the town wisely took advantage of them, and incorporated a viking village with re-enactors (turns out there’s a whole community of re-enactors that travel from festival to festival across Canada), complete with mock battles.  It’s become quite huge.

Which means we’ll be avoiding it, as much as possible! LOL

As early as it still was, I headed home faster than usual because of the growing crowds, where I found another ray of sunshine waiting for me.


Teeny Tabby is so adorable!

The Re-Farmer

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