Red Sun

It was smokier today than yesterday.  Oddly, when I tried to go online and find local smoke advisories, I kept getting hits from 2014 and 2015, but nothing recent!  Strange.

From what I’ve been able to figure out, the smoke seems to be coming from the fires in California and BC right now.

When I headed back from locking the driveway gate, I found myself looking at the most amazing red orb in the sky.  The smoke had dimmed the sun enough that I could look right at it – it wasn’t even as bright as a full moon!

I tried to get some photos to capture the colour.  This first photo shows how much daylight there still was as I took the photo.


I then played around with the white balance and ISO (who would have thought a phone camera would allow that, when they first came out? *L*) and got the sun to match the red I was actually seeing.  So imagine the daylight in the above photo, but with the sun as red as this…

I expect we will have red suns like this every evening for some time, from what I’m reading about the fires out west. 😦

My reason for going out to lock the gate was at least a good one; it was after my electrician friend came over, with his daughter, with the new motor for our bathroom fan.  We now have a working bathroom fan again!  And didn’t have to pay to install a new one and cut things up to fit it.  The new fan will wait for when we install a second bathroom.

When they first got here and I went outside to great them, we heard the sound of kittens.  When his daughter commented, I told her about the two litters, and how we hadn’t yet been able to really touch them.

As I was at the bathroom door, talking to her dad, suddenly there she was – with the tuxedo in her arms!  She had meowed at it and it came over, then went for her toes.  She was able to pick it up!  It was obviously not too happy, but was also not freaking out and clawing, either.

My younger daughter ended up taking it out, along with a can of wet cat food, as a mollifying treat. 😀

Any day that involves cuddling kittens is a good day! 😀

The Re-Farmer

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