Smoke on the water

My daughter had a slightly later shift today, so the sun was well up by the time I got to the beach.

During the drive in, we could see the haze of smoke, everywhere.  The lake was no exception.


Normally, I’d be able to see at least a bit of the other side of the lake from here.  Especially when the water is so calm.

(I believe there is an advisory against going into the water right now.  The birds are pretty, but their fecal matter can result in E. coli problems.)


The camera on my phone automatically “clears up” images taken in fog or haze.  The trees in the distance were not actually as visible in real life as in the photo!

While walking along the beach, a splash of colour caught my attention.

Someone left a bit of cheer for others to enjoy. 🙂

I hung around town long enough for the post office to open, and for the postmaster to put out the mail, so I wandered over to the marina and sat by a fountain (and added a Pokemon into the gym that is there, which was controlled by my team at the time. 😀 ).


It still feels weird to see the bright green frogs.  They used to be just the brass, which developed a natural patina.

I still like them.  Because they’re frogs. 😀

I headed home shortly after this and was able to stop at the post office.  Sadly, my husband’s CPAP has not come in yet.  The company could only guarantee speed of delivery within the US.  Once in Canada, they have no control over how quickly something gets delivered.  Usually, packages get processed quickly.  Much faster than envelopes, anyhow.


The Re-Farmer



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