Evening antics

Yesterday evening, I went out to rake out the leaves and twigs where I had cleared away earlier.  There are too many twigs and pieces of wood to use to layer onto the garden by the house, so I got the fire pit going.

I also discovered the Butterscotch has moved her babies to the log shed by the fire pit.

I was watched, but none came near!

Later on, I did a walk around the yard and noticed the setting sun was an incredible red colour.  I wasn’t able to capture it adequately in this photo.


Imagine the deepest red you can see was the entire ball of the sun.

The redness was because of the smoke of fires burning.  There are none burning near us.  The smoke may well be from another province!

That pile of wood in the foreground is part of what I’d cleared away earlier.

As I headed back into the yard, I discovered one of Butterscotch’s kittens in the area I had raked, dancing around.

I don’t think it ever did catch the moth. 😀

I raked up 3 wheelbarrows full out of that area.  I’m going to have to clear the ashes out of the fire pit again!

The Re-Farmer

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