Turtle Victory

I spent a lot of time in our previous van.

It wasn’t unusual for me to be out and about, several times a day, and to spend a fair bit of time just sitting in it, waiting for a daughter to get off work or some such.

So I made it my happy place.

I decorated the dash with all sorts of bling; mostly using white “pearl” stick-ons from the scrapbooking supplies section, in lines and swirls and patterns. I also had things like glow in the dark “rocks” and numerous creatures, held in place with FunTac.  Dinosaurs.  Fish.  Turtles and tortoises. Glow in the dark insects.  At Christmas, I would add in a miniature Christmas tree or two, complete with miniature, battery operated lights.

When that van died and we got our new one, I salvaged all but the sticker gems, intending to start over on the dash of our new vehicle.

I started to do it, but quickly discovered that the vinyl was not the same, and the adhesive on the sticker decorations, as well as the FunTac, didn’t stick.

So I stopped.  At some point, I want to continue.  Maybe.

Until then, I enjoy the few that I have up.

My mother, however, hates them.

For some reason, she believes that if these things are on my dash, that means I worship them.  I should have statues of Jesus on my dash, not frogs or turtles.

We’ve had some… *ahem* … discussions about this.

The night I picked up my mother to drive her to the airport, as she settled into her seat, she suddenly told me to “not look”, reached out and grabbed…


… my turtle with the wiggly legs.

Much to my surprise, considering it’s held in place with nothing but old FunTac, it wouldn’t budge.

My turtle won the battle, and remains on my dash, watching me as I drive, nodding its head, wiggling its legs, and putting a smile on my face.

The Re-Farmer

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