Shingle damage, fixed

We had a nice day, and my wonderful daughter was able to get up onto the roof to take care of the damaged shingles we’d noticed a few days back.

This is what one section looked like before.


While up there, she noticed quite a few were loose, and took care of them, too. It definitely looked like they were damaged when that patch above them was done.

Here is how it looks now.


She also sealed the exposed roofing nails that were part of the higher patch.

Then she moved on to the other section of roof to fix this shingle…


This is how it looks now.


When this was done, she went to the other side, were we can’t see the shingles from the ground, to check for any others that needed fixing. She also checked the area above their window, where water has been leaking in the winter. She did some more patching, but also noticed the area above the window did not feel as solid as it should.

She noticed many patch jobs.

We so need a new roof. 😦

The Re-Farmer

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