It hasn’t been long since I last posted, yet already, we have several unexpected things. 🙂

My daughter and I did a dump run and, as I was about to drive back into the garage, I saw movement inside.

A whole bunch of butterflies (there were more inside) on the dirt floor.

I didn’t want to drive over them, so I stopped to take pictures. The ones I was seeing were a type of fritillary – there are many different kinds, and I’m not sure which ones we had – when another type joined a butterfly I was getting a closer pictures of.

I’ve been going through pages of images while writing this post and after much searching, found what it is! It is a Pearl Crescent butterfly.

While I was taking photos, my daughter stopped a bright yellow butterfly in the grill of my van. I went to take a look, but never got a picture – it was still alive! The airflow from the running engine was holding it in place and, as soon as I moved it away, it flew off. 🙂

We have not been able to close our garage door, lately. After parking the van, I decided to take a closer look and where the problem was.

I had thought that crack was the reason it wasn’t able to go past this point, thinking the metal was hitting the frame. As you can see in the photo, however, it’s not touching the frame.

So I crawled under the door and looked on the inside.

Well, now.

That would do it.

Someone is going to have to bring the little step ladder or a stool or something to be able to reach it and, hopefully, fix it.

Before heading inside, my daughter and I hung out with kittens, then she used water from the rain barrel to water the grapes and haskap berries while I pulled vines from the garden area by the old kitchen. It had gotten quite hot out, so using the hose to water things would not be good. Regardless of the temperatures on the surface, the well water gets ice cold, and would shock the roots in this heat.

How hot was it?

30C!! We had cooled down enough in the last week, we’ve actually started to use covers to sleep under at night. 😀 I was not expecting us to be hitting these temperatures again!

So much for getting manual labour done outside. Maybe if I get up early enough tomorrow, I’ll be able to get some work done outside.

The vines I’ve been pulling up have been going onto the fire pit to be burned. Eventually. We are still under a fire ban, and haven’t lit the fire pit even once, since winter. The kittens, of course, followed us and were running all over, including in the fire pit itself! They also ran around the flowers planted nearby, which is why my daughter spotted this.

I have no idea what this is. There’s only two of them. All the other plants in this bed are completely different. Was it planted intentionally? Is it a weed? These are seeds from a flower that I don’t recall seeing; we must have missed its blooming period completely. With only 2 of them, that would have been easy to do.

Whatever it is, it’s very pretty!

The Re-Farmer

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