I’ll just move that…

One of the things we found in the spruce grove was a bench made by nailing a board across 2 logs.

It was left where it was, but while doing my rounds this morning, I noticed something missing…

The board was off.

I’m not sure what knocked it off. The outside cats did sometimes sit on it, so it’s entirely possible some animal bumped it and finally knocked it off.

You can see how the rot was the worst, where wood contacted wood. One nail was still in a log (bottom of the picture), while a second nail at the other end (in the board, top of the picture) was rusted away to almost nothing; just a tall, thin bit of metal I would not have recognized as the remains of a nail at all, had I not been looking for it.

I cleared away the board and the nails, but didn’t bother moving the logs, yet.

When the spruce grove is finally cleaned up, I do want to set up a bench or two. Something make out of materials that won’t rot like this! 🙂

The Re-Farmer

5 thoughts on “I’ll just move that…

    • That seems to be the story of a lot of things I’m finding. Nobody seemed to think that long term. My parents, at least, simply would not have known about the products available. My younger brothers had no such excuse! LOL

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      • Most people don’t think long term, so don’t feel bad there.

        My parents had a home along the Northern California coast years ago. Exterior fixtures were brass, and I even warned them to have the lights and door handles clear coated. They didn’t and the salt water fog ate it all alive within 3 or 4 years.

        They did finally clear coat all the replacements though, LOL

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      • I never would have thought of it either. I grew up in the interior (East) side of the San Francisco Bay Area, and it was never an issue. Once they moved to right on the coast, you could smell and taste it in the fog. Not to the same degree as the ocean itself, but it was noticeable that there was salt in the fog

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