Not what I was looking for

Last summer, while going around the property with my older brother, we had gone into an area filled with rocks and blocks of concrete and all sorts of bushes growing among them. My brother remembered that there were hazelnut bushes there. We didn’t find any, but I decided to check it out again, in case something managed to grow this year.

I didn’t find any hazelnuts.

I did find other things, though!

There were quite a few gooseberry bushes growing wild. I also saw self-sown raspberry bushes, stink weed, the usual wildflowers and thistles, and even a few sickly looking Saskatoon bushes, struggling their way through the rocks.

These wild gooseberry bushes were looking as lean and dried out as the ones in the yard.

I don’t know what this bush, with the bright red berries, is. For all I know, it’s poisonous, so until I find out, I’ll just leave it be!

One thing there was lots of is hawthorns. Including this giant one…

A lot of dead branches in this one.

All the hawthorn had berries ripening on them. This smaller one in the above photo may be out of focus, but you can still see the many, many thorns on these things!!

There were a few of this mystery plant with the orange berries.

It was growing right up against a big hawthorn, with the branches so intertwined, it took me a while to get a photo of just the one with the orange berries.

There were also several chokecherry trees, including one really tall one, with berries that were still quite red. The shorter one nearby was filled with dark, ripe berries. What a difference in trees just a few feet apart!

Of course, there was also garbage. Including a tire rim.

Because, of course.

We are finding more tire rims lying around than toilets! 😀

Some metal garbage was getting quite strewn about. The renter’s cows have been moved to another pasture, but they will be back. I decided to move some of the metal garbage into one pile, so the cows would be less likely to hurt themselves when they are back here again. While carrying some of it to the pile I started, I paused to pull a half-buried piece of metal… something… out.

Which turned out to be an iron.

The loose dirt you see around it is stuck to the cord that I pulled up out of the ground.

Why on earth would there be an iron in the middle of nowhere like this???

I also spotted this piece of garbage. Cows are terrible for eating things they shouldn’t, so I grabbed it, too.


When it became clear that this was much, much larger than I could see, I just left it. It’s been here long enough for a couple of inches of soil to build up on it. If it hasn’t been a problem with the cows by now, letting it sit until we can start cleaning up out here should be fine.

This is the top of a lawnmower.

Just… sitting there.

There is an actual junk pile not far from here. It was being used as a dump, instead of taking garbage to the actual dump.

The bucket is a new thing.

No idea where that came from. I can’t even say that it would be something the cows dragged out from somewhere. Perhaps it got blown in?

The cows did drag some things out.

Including a food processor.

Because… of course there is a food processor.

I don’t think my parents ever owned a food processor.

There was also part of a lamp, the wire remains of a lamp shade, and crushed flat aerosol cans.

And shoes.

I remember wondering about the shoes, last year.

I look forward to when we can hire someone to haul this all away!! This is not a job any of us are able bodied enough to do ourselves. Especially since there are whole trees and pieces of sheds in there, too. Not that we have the equipment to work with, nor a trailer to load it onto.

On my way back, I walked past an area by the barn I’ve gone through a few times since we’ve moved here.

This time, I found something that wasn’t there before.

I don’t know about the piece of aluminum the spike is stuck through, but that spike is the tip from one of the old lightning rods that used to be on the barn. How it ended up here, like this, and where it came from, I can’t even guess.

Part of the reason I know exactly what it is is because, when I was a child, my later brother and I would climb to the peak of the barn, pull these tips off the lightning rods (there were 4 of them), stick them on the ends of our fingers and pretend they were really long nails or claws. While chasing each other back and forth on the roof.

While going through the photos with my daughter and getting to this one, I told her that story. The look on her face was priceless as she deadpanned, so what you’re saying is, you were stupid as a child?

Yeah, you could say that.

It’s a miracle we survived our childhoods growing up here on the farm!!

So much stuff all over the place.

And to think, all I was doing was looking for hazelnut bushes. 😀

The Re-Farmer

4 thoughts on “Not what I was looking for

  1. Hmmm, this one is going to drive me nuts… I *know* I’ve seen that type of tree before, but I’m completely blanking.

    As for the lightning rod spike… Lightning packs a great deal of energy, it could have blown it clean off, or maybe just loosened it and a good storm took care of the rest.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The lightning rods were taken off when a metal roof was installed. No idea what happened to them, but the ground cables are still lying around (the ends are buried, and they can’t be just pulled up). I’ve been around the barn a few times and saw no signs of the rods themselves, anywhere, until I found this!

      As for the tree, I know what you mean! It’s one of those things that I recognize and know, but I don’t think I ever heard the name! *L*


  2. Isn’t great to tell the kids old stories!! Now that they are adults we can be more open about some of the things we used to do 🙂 Kids these days need more wide open spaces to run and play!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is something I really tried to give the girls, when they were little. It was much harder to do in some places we lived, than others, that’s for sure! After one move, we went from being able to let them go up the highway to the store by themselves, slog in ditches and climb trees to their hearts’ content, to having to escort them down the hall to the laundry room, and NEVER going to the TV lounge without one of us accompanying them.


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