Unexpected Finds

So… it’s been interesting lately.

While moving the chimney blocks from their stacks to where the retaining wall is going to be, we found an old aftershave bottle. My daughter did some research, and estimates that it’s from the 1980’s.

It turns out there are collectors for these out there! *L*

So she gave it a good washing, including trying to clean the inside.

See that stuff in the sink in the back ground?

It had snail shells and disintegrating snail shells in it.

I didn’t even know we had land snails here. And how did they get in there? In a bottle buried at the bottom of a stack of chimney blocks?

Too wild!


I’d called the plumber and left a message about no longer having hot water. Then, a couple of hours later, I headed out to pick up my daughter from work, stopping to get the mail along the way. In the time it took me to drive the 3 miles, I got a message from my husband; the plumber had called and would be over in the evening!!

When he came over, he replaced the thermostat – which turned out to be a more difficult job than expected. The space is very small in there, and he had a hard time getting the wires where they needed to be because of it.

It gave us time to chat. 😀 He’s a very interesting guy!

When that was done, I turned the breaker back on and we could hear that things were working.

When we lost hot water and I went to check the tank itself, the only thing unusual I saw was that it looked kind of damp under the tank itself. There wasn’t any water leaking from the pump or the pressure tank, so it was definitely out of place. I asked him about it but, at the time, he couldn’t answer.

The top thermostat done, he noticed a couple of orange streaks coming out from under the cover of the bottom thermostat. So he opened it up.

We were both quite taken aback by what he found.

This is the inside of that cover, which has never been opened up until today.

The insulation wadding was stuck to it, and he had to tear the cover loose, and you can see that some of it stayed stuck. The black you see? I think that’s mold, because there was more of it on the wadding.

Then he took the plastic cover off the thermostat.

This is not good.

Once again, it was really tightly packed in there, and he ended up just tearing out the wadding on the bottom, to better expose things.

While he was poking around in there, water started squishing out.

Yes, the breaker got turned off again by then!

The bottom of the tank, up to that panel opening, is full of water.

At that point, he told me I needed to call in a warranty job. Conveniently, the tank has the number for that on a sticker right on it.

He told me he’s installed about 50 of these tanks, and has never seen anything like this. He’s thinking factory defect, at this point. Yes, our hard water is an issue; especially the high iron content, but that is still not enough to explain what we were seeing! Especially for such a new tank!

Still, with the new thermostat, we have hot water again. There was some doubt as to whether the bottom element was still working, so he said it might take longer to heat up.

It didn’t.

In fact, it went right back to the water getting super hot, which is why I called him in the first place!

As he was leaving, I asked him what we owed him, and he basically said, let’s figure that out later, because after I call in for the warranty work, he might be coming back to work on it again.

So that’s on my to-do list. He commented that when it comes to warranty work, it can take weeks – they don’t care if you don’t have hot water. Hopefully, the new thermostat will hold out long enough for this to get processed!

As we were chatting, the topic of our vandal came up now and again. Normally, when someone comes over for a short while, we will leave the gate open, then lock it up after they leave. When he first arrived, he’d made a comment about not being sure if the gate needed to be closed for animals, and I joked that it was there to keep people out. After he parked, he asked about it and I mentioned the gate had been vandalized.

Right about then, a quad drove by with multiple people on it. We could hear it stop on the road, hidden by the spruce grove, but we could hear shouted voices.

I went and closed the gate.

When he was heading for his vehicle to leave, we ended up stopping and chatting for quite a while. He hasn’t been here since installing the tank, and he could see quite a difference. I ended up telling him a bit more about our vandal, as the conversation went on.

Then, we heard a quad coming down the road.

We could hear it slowing down.

So he moved over to his vehicle, to look over the roof towards the gate.

Sure enough, there was our vandal, driving by slowly on his quad, glaring at us down the driveway.


The plumber even commented on how he was checking things out, and we both noted how creepy it was!

I’m glad I went back to close the gate, even if I didn’t lock the chain yet. It was still a deterrent.

Talking to my daughters later, they told me about the shouting they could hear through their window and what they thought was said. We’re pretty sure that first quad was our vandal, with someone else, who was telling him to keep going. The second time, though, he came from the same direction (and alone). Which means that he drove around the entire quarter section (4 miles in total), just so he could see down our driveway!

Creepy, indeed!

It should be interesting to see what’s on the trail cam.

So we had several unexpected finds. Snail shells where they shouldn’t be. More damage to our hot water tank than expected. And our vandal is also a stalker.

Okay, so that last one isn’t really unexpected, I suppose.

I think maybe I’ll be keeping a closer eye on the security camera. Just in case!

The Re-Farmer

3 thoughts on “Unexpected Finds

    • She was having a hard time finding one like this one; most of the sites are US based, and the Canadian versions were slightly different. She did find a couple of photos, though, that put it in the 80’s or 90’s, most likely 80’s.

      I was still living on the farm and going to high school for most of the 80’s, but I wouldn’t remember something like this. I don’t even remember that stack of blocks being there! *L*

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