Starry Night

I went outside late last night, and ended up staying out longer to enjoy the incredible view!

Even with the yard light on (we can’t turn it off since the power company replaced the original), the stars were bright enough that I could see the Milky Way!

Then I went out again later, with my daughters, to ogle the sky.

My husband gave me his new phone not long ago, to replace mine with the cracked corner, and I had yet to try night shots with it. I put it on manual and basically guessed at the settings I was changing – I could barely see the numbers, never mind read them. After fiddling with the settings, I would lay the phone down on the ground, then use voice commands to take a picture.

Then I’d fuss with the settings a bit more, set it on the ground and try again. Eventually, I figured out how to do a long exposure shot – and recognize the sounds the phone made, so I wouldn’t accidentally pick it up again, before the exposure was complete. 😀

This is one of the results.

The only thing I’ve done to this image is resize it.

I’m really amazed at the shots I was able to get with just a cell phone!!!

The Re-Farmer

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