Not a rib

So… This actually makes more sense.

The lump in Mild Cheddar is not a dislocated rib.

It’s a stick.

One of my daughters actually found a stick in his arm pit not long ago. It came off and she thought it was just stuck to his fur with tree sap.

There was no blood. No sign of an opening or injury. Nothing.

We have a very lucky kitty.

My husband and I are in the city, waiting for his angiogram (they are late). I am so glad my daughters could get this done while we are away. And grateful for the technology that lets us keep in touch like this.

I am also glad the vet takes partial payments, because this is going to cost several times more than originally estimated.

Mild Cheddar is still with the vet and they will remove the stick. We might even be home by the time he is ready to pick up.

At the rate things are going here, though, I’m not holding my breath.

The Re-Farmer

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