Bonus Critter: bald eagle!

While driving to town yesterday, we startled some birds. About 5 or 6 ravens burst out of the bullrushes in the ditch, along with some large raptor. We couldn’t see it well enough, but figured it was some type of eagle.

On the way home, as we neared the same location, out of the rushes burst a HUGE bald eagle. It flew into the trees nearby and settled onto a branch, watching as we drove by.

My guess is, there was something hidden in the ditch at this location that was being scavenged. So when I was driving home from dropping my daughter off this morning, and saw I was coming up on this spot, I was already slowing down. Just in case.

I was well rewarded!

Once again, a massive bald eagle burst out of the rushes, flew into the trees, and watched as I went by.

I stopped to get some photos, but the digital zoom on my phone’s camera is awful. This is the best I could get (I highlighted the eagle, since it was hard to pick out).

It’s hard to really get how big that bird is from the picture!

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