With the recent rains and the cooler temperatures, I decided it was time to figure out how to burn the rotten wood I had cleared out of the old wood pile.

I had a bit of a conundrum.

The burn barrel was full, along with a bin beside it, but I didn’t want to use it, because it’s so close to the big pile of branches we’ve been clearing out.

The best place do a burn is in the outer yard. After walking around and deciding on the best spot, I hooked up the remaining usable hoses to the one new hose I got. It gave me a total of 150 feet, but it wasn’t enough to reach where I had wanted to set up. I had to set up closer. At least this put me on a gravel base.

I dug out a large metal ring that has been sitting in the spruce grove for who knows how long, and rolled it over to use as a fire pit. Bits and pieces of rusted out metal broke off the inside as I rolled it over that I had to go back and pick up. The last thing I need is to have one of those slicing open a tire. I also found a sheet of metal near the barn to use as a base.

This way, when I’m done burning, I can just take off the ring and shovel up the ashes (and whatever metal bits are left behind) from the sheet of metal to be taken to the dump.

The kittens were very curious!

I started off by burning the spirea I’d cleaned up yesterday, then moved on to some of the rotten wood bits.

I was able to get a lot of the cherry roots and stumps burned away, plus 2 or 3 small wheelbarrow loads of rotted, nail filled pallet wood, that I had been leaving near the burn barrel.

There was almost no wind, but I still kept the fire low and constantly used the hose to make sure no live sparks landed anywhere flammable, and spraying the big pile of branches down.

I’m hoping to be able to do this a few times over the next few days, to at least clean up the debris I’d been dumping near the burn barrel. It’s that little stuff that has the potential to cause the most problems, later on.

The problem is, an awful lot of time is spent just staring at the fire, while spraying water in different areas. Progress is being made, but it feels like wasted time!

Still, the faster this gets done, the sooner I can get this temporary set up cleared away again.

The Re-Farmer

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