Mystery critter: what are you?

It’s been another very wet day today (I’ve read that, last month, we got triple the average amount of rain for our region; it doesn’t seem to be letting up this month, yet). We did manage to get a dump run in. Because of when it closes on Saturdays, and when my younger daughter gets off work, we left it to near closing time, then just continued on to town. After running some errands, we had time enough to hit the beach and look for interesting things.

Along with fascinating bones and interesting rocks, we found a tiny surprise.

What follows are pictures of a dead creature, so for those who don’t like seeing that, I’ll post it after the jump.

It looks like a teeny tiny lobster!

I had no idea we had crustaceans in the lake!

I did a bit of research, and apparently, we don’t.

At least not naturally.

In all my searches (which turns up lots of hits about zebra mussels), I found only one possibility as to what this might be. A Rusty Crayfish, which was noted as an invasive species from the US.

I went through quite a few sites about the lake, its native critters and invasive species, and never found another reference to anything even close to this thing.

So on the one hand: cool!!! It’s a crustacean! In the lake!

On the other hand: oh, crud. It’s a crustacean. In the lake.


The Re-Farmer

4 thoughts on “Mystery critter: what are you?

      • It’s actually funny. Even as I was typing my initial reply, I was remembering just how cold the South can get in the winter. Even Central Florida (ie Orlando) can have hard freezes. Ergo, the little buggers are probably better adapted than we think. 😀

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      • Well, yes, but this lake has an average depth of only 39ft and freezes over completely in the winter, solid enough for large vehicles to drive on it. 😀

        You got me curious, so I went looking up rusty crayfish. I found the abstract of a study that found they acclimated to 1C. In my searches, they seem to be an invasive species all over the US, but none mention them in Canada. Curious, indeed!

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