Fall clean up: the things we find

After cleaning up the storm damage, the next thing to focus on was to put stuff away for the winter. Since we now have sheets of metal roofing on the old garden shed, and it no longer has water pouring in through a hole, I decided to move things around so I could use it.

Of course, that meant finding some curious things!

My mother had been asking me for some time about putting up her Canadian flag. She told me the flag was most likely in her old bedroom, which we packed up long ago, and I don’t remember seeing it. There is a stand outside that was used to hold the flag and pole, but I never did find the flag itself.

Until now.

It was rolled up and tucked into that little space you can see against the wall. Where the ramekin is, now. The pole itself was also there, leaning against a joist.

While finding these, I saw a handle of what I recognized was a grabber. That was something else my mom had been asking me; what happened to my father’s grabber?



Those are soup spoons.

Of course, I had to bring it in to show the family, and my husband posted about it that day. When my mother and brother were here, I showed it to them and asked if they knew… why are there spoons at the ends?

My mother started talking about how my dad needed the grabber to reach things, and this and that, all of which had nothing to do with my question. Eventually, I got a straight answer.

She had no idea. LOL

Other things in the shed include an interesting collection of old metal gas cans. It’s been a very long time since gas cans were available in metal!

Then I moved this bigger one.

There is still gas in that can.


While moving things around, I also uncovered a handle.

I didn’t really pay attention to it at first, since I was doing something else, but after a while I stopped to take a look.

This was a very new looking handle. It even looked to be a good quality handle.

So I pulled it out and found…

A wonderful, new (well; something from this decade, at least!), high quality spade!

I’m guessing the fact that it was buried is the only reason it didn’t grow legs and walk away, like so many other things around the farm.

Since moving here, I’ve found two only old spades, both with wooden handles. One broke when I hit a root while transplanting the haskap bushes. The other has the top of the handle broken off, so it can be used; just carefully.

I’m so excited to find this!!!

Yeah, it doesn’t take much to excite me 😀 but any time I find some hidden good quality tool like this, I’m thrilled. So much of what my parents had over the years has disappeared, finding anything good still here is something to celebrate.

Much better than finding and old gas can will old gas still in it! LOL

The Re-Farmer

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