Storm clean up: unexpected damage

While working around the willow tree, I noticed something out by the north fence and took a closer look.

That’s when I found we had more trees and branches come down there, too. I hadn’t seen it before, simply because I hadn’t bothered going that far through the snow. The main priority was checking close to the house.

I’m really glad I was able to mow in this area, because that made clean up a lot easier!

The most obvious thing that caught my eye was this dead tree that had fallen down.

As I came closer, however, I saw more had come down, too.

There turned out to be two dead trees that had come down here. One fell towards the garden, and the other…

… fell onto the fence.

And apparently took more down onto the fence, with it.

Other branches had come down, joining branches that had come down previously. Clearing the north fence was something I was leaving for perhaps a couple of years from now, so I’ve just been doing the bare essentials. Which, today, meant a bit more than usual, since I had to clear things away, just to reach the fence.

But first, I started with the easy to access parts, working my way to the maple that fell towards the garden.

Where I found this.

I cannot think of why there is wire embedded in this tree. All the other trees I’ve found with wire around them were being used to prop up falling fences. This isn’t near the fence.

By the time I was done, this was the pile of branches and trunks I’d cleared away.

Not all of it, though.

As I cleared my way to the fence, I found that I would not be able to haul it away. I basically just cut things clear of the fence itself, and let them fall onto the ditch side. It’s really steep, and the fence is basically at the edge, so even if I were to go around the other side, there was no safe way to haul away the sections of trees on that side.

The fence no longer has trees on it here, though, and that’s the main thing right now.

I also cleared away some of the low hanging dead branches, too. That will make walking (and mowing!) through here a lot easier.

So this was an entire section of clean up that I hadn’t expected to do at all. It’s just not a priority right now. Also, if I clean up here like I have in other areas, we’ll loose quite a bit of our privacy screening!

Eventually, we intend to plant trees all along the north side here, as well as other areas. When we do, they will be doing triple duty; they will act as a screen between use and the road, both for privacy and to keep road dust down, they will act as a shelter belt, and finally, they will be fruit or nut trees, so they will eventually provide food, too.

At least, that’s the plan!

The Re-Farmer

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