A year – and two – ago, today

We are coming up on our two year anniversary of all 4 of us moving from the big city in another province, so my family farm.

Two years ago, today was the last day my older daughter and I had for packing before the movers arrived, while my husband and younger daughter were living in the partially packed house filled with my parents’ stuff, making do with what they could scrape together from the cupboards to cook with, and were pretty much living out of their suitcases.

One year ago today, I was able to look back at the previous year and, among other things, compare the financial differences between living in the city, and on the farm.


So today, I am looking back over the past year, looking at what has changed, and seeing where we stand.

Well, it turns out things are not actually looking up. 😦

In comparing our first year, with the various changes in budgeted expenses, we saw ourselves gaining an advantage of about $322 per month. Now, this was by no means a surplus. I never use budget spreadsheets or software, because they include a lot of things we never include in our budget at all. Like an entertainment budget. Or a clothing budget. Who has money for that? LOL

So that was about $322 in un-allocated funds available that we didn’t have before the move.

So what about this year?


Some of our budget items had to increase. Fees. Utilities. We are now paying for the insurance on my mother’s car. Things like that. There are some new things added; we’ve got a Tax Free Savings account with a small amount going into it every month. Unfortunately, we’ve had to use it for various things. Like getting the trees done. Right now, we’re setting aside to replace the hot water tank again, though at least the tank itself will be reimbursed under warranty. Things keep happening, though, and it’s been really hard to not have to go into those meager savings. Still, we’ve never actually been able to save at all before, so that’s a bonus, at least.

A couple of things actually went down; my husband got rid of his cell phone, since he no longer has any need for one, and some changes with our internet provider brought the bill down a tiny bit. Some things had to stay the same. Gas, groceries (which includes cat food and litter), prescriptions.

Our income, however, has had a net drop. While my husband’s CPP Disability went up a small amount, his private insurance payments went down by more, so we saw a net loss of over $100 per month.

Between the increases in our budget items and the decrease in income, our “un-allocated funds” have gone from about $322 a month to…

…about $67

No wonder it’s felt like we’ve been falling behind.

We are.

I hate to think how much worse it would have been, if we were still living in the city!!


The Re-Farmer

2 thoughts on “A year – and two – ago, today

  1. One year we had to replace the washing machine, the dryer and the car. Next year the 30 year old kitchen was due for replacement and everyone needed new bikes. I’m unemployed for the second time in two years at the moment. My husband got the boot too last year and had to take a very low paid job just to get some money.
    I guess empty pockets are a never ending story 😥

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