Our mysterious van

I got a call from the garage today, about our van.

Once again, he drove it around and examined it on the lift.


Not a knock. Not a shudder.

The van is running fine.

The only thing he could find, after going over the entire front end, was a minor tear in the front driver’s side boot (bellows). It’s something that is good to get fixed before it causes problems later, but it could not be what caused the knocking and shuddering that was happening before I dropped it off, because there wasn’t any at all when he drove it.

He cannot find anything that could have caused that noise or shuddering. Anything that normally could have caused it, is fine.

I asked about our theory that mud had kicked up in there and got into something, but after the van sat as long as it did, things melted and whatever it was had simply fallen off. He said it was possible, but he didn’t sound very confident about it.

So I asked him to let me know how much it would cost to fix boot, since I may as well get that done while it’s there! He said he’d get back to me, but he wasn’t able to before he closed, so I expect to hear from him tomorrow.

I was able to describe to him more about how it handled throughout the day, and how it went from some odd noises to suddenly being so bad, it was alarming just to drive across the road. How could it have been so bad, so fast, and now nothing? He is very perplexed as well.

I just don’t understand it.

I do hope we can get this done and fixed tomorrow, because we need to go into town, and I don’t want to make multiple trips with my mother’s car.

Thank God the things we do need to do aren’t urgent or anything! I will be much happier when we have our van back, though.

What a mystery our van has become!

The Re-Farmer

2 thoughts on “Our mysterious van

  1. A couple of things here (per the mechanic in the family)…

    First, you should test drive the van with your mechanic. That way you can recreate what YOU were doing when the noise occurred, or at least see that the condition is indeed intermittent or gone.

    Second; the split boot is exactly how CV axles go bad. Boot splits, Axle grease in joint is slung out, dries up and/or gets dirt mixed in with it. Bearings in joint get worn from dirt and eventually break. If the boot has already started expelling grease, the damage is already done. Replace the whole axle, since you’ll be doing it anyway IF that is the case. All paying for a boot does when it’s lost grease is assure you’re paying for two jobs instead of one. Also ask your mechanic if he’s willing to guarantee no dirt got up into that boot via the hole.

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    • Yup.

      There isn’t really a way for me to he with him as he drives it, but there also wasn’t anything specific I was doing when the noise started. Starting. Stopping. Turning. Driving a straight line.

      When he told me about the tear he found, we talked about the potential problems. I did get the bearings done, but that was the other wheel. I specifically asked him to check this wheel, because if the odd “sproing” I would hear, only when backing out of the garage. He found nothing, and that was just weeks ago. It is all so strange!


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