Dismantling the failed goat catcher

Another thing on the to-do list accomplished!

The pen we threw together to try and catch the visiting goat was finally dismantled. Which never did work. 😀

The “door” end was already trying to make its escape. 😀

The straw I hoped the goat would use for bedding went onto the little garden near the old kitchen; another area we’re trying to build up the soil with layers of organic matter.

The chicken wire belongs to the goat’s owner, so that’s all rolled up and, along with the containers he brought to try and lure the goat with food, it is set aside and ready to be returned.

After what happened when I walked the goat over to his place, I don’t particularly want to see him, or even go to his place, so I might just drop them off at the end of his driveway when we have the chance. :-/

The frames are just set aside for now. I plan to take them apart and will likely use them to make trellises for the squash. Before I do, I will have to snag one of the girls to help me get that table saw out of the shed so we can test it out. If it works, I’ll be able to cut straight ends to the pieces, and even *gasp* have matching lengths to work with. 😀

If it doesn’t work, I’ll see what I can manage with the circular saw.

For now, though, it’s done. We no longer have a pen in the middle of our south yard! 😀

Another thing checked off the to-do list!

The Re-Farmer

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