Two kinds of babies

Of course, we have the furry wormy kind.

They are quite liking the new set up. The kittens will wobble their way all over, then go back to their little bed for cuddles with Mom.

So far, it looks like all the kittens are male. There is only one, mini-BeepBeep, we haven’t been able to see.

While doing my rounds, I noticed these other babies.

This is a chokecherry. As the leaf buds unfurl, they reveal baby future berries! Those little clusters will eventually bloom and, if we have a good year, we will have lots of berries. This little tree is just sort of by itself in the middle of a grassy area on the North side of the garden. There are two more, among the lilac hedge. In the last couple of years, those ones produced berries, but this little one, not really. It looks like this year, it has reached production maturity!

The Re-Farmer

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