Bonus smiles!

Extra kitty pictures!

I popped into the basement for a moment, and just had to come back with a camera.

The kittens are now big enough to get onto the counters now!

Glancing at the drill press and seeing a kitten looking back at me was most adorable.

We will have to keep an eye out. As much as we tried to block things off, there’s still the possibility of a kitten falling behind a counter or something.

When I sat down, all 5 of them attacked me. For the most part, they were moving too fast for pictures, but I did get a couple of good ones!

Big Rig is a real beauty!

Nicco climbed right up into a sun spot again! ;-D

Also, by the time I left, my calves were bleeding, from having pairs of kittens wrestling on each one.

Leyendecker, on the other hand, went for my face.

And ears.

And hair.

And braid, collar of my shirt, my phone, my glasses…

He certainly made things challenging!

Later on, while on the way back from town, I was happy to see our giant furry neighbours near the fence.

Just look at the adorable “little” baby!

Such gorgeous animals!

Thankfully, today was finally another productive day, which I will post about next. I just wanted to share the adorableness with you, first!


The Re-Farmer

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