Almost there!

I am happy to say that, thanks to my awesome, awesome daughter (and an amazing sale at Ikea), we have a new stove!

Still in it’s box, but we’ve got it! πŸ˜€

Before heading out this morning, I measured the old stove. We’re not too concerned about the dimensions, as the counters along that wall can be moved, if necessary. The main issue is actually the space between one counter along the wall, and the island counter the sink is part of.

I also emptied the drawer under the oven – something I have been avoiding since we moved here – and took it out to see what was there.

Besides a couple of toy mice, and the missing tube of After Bite.

And Cheddar. I had to sweep Cheddar out of the space! LOL

I missed a couple of things.

Also, that’s a tiny walrus that used to be among the many critters I had decorating the dash of our previous van. I don’t know how the cats got it under there!

Once we got the measurements, my younger daughter and I headed into the city, with Ikea being our first stop. We’d checked online the night before, and according to their listed inventory, we had two options, and the one we preferred had only 2 left in stock.

By the time we got there, found the displays and talked to a salesperson to check, there was only one left!

My daughter snagged it.

Now, on its own, the stove would have fit in our van, no problem. In its box, however, it was too tall, so it had to be loaded in on a side. Which is fine. The installation instructions that were available online included doing things like laying it down to remove the packaging on the bottom, and to adjust the leveling legs, so we knew that would be okay.

After that was loaded up and we went for breakfast… er… lunch… we headed to a hardware store. The new stove has the controls in the front, not the back, so my daughter wanted to pick up a self-adhesive backsplash. While we were there, I also found a new taps and faucet set for our kitchen sink. What was merely a drip when we first moved here is almost a constant stream. My daughters had opened it up, but could not see why it was dripping. The faucet is one that tends to get in the way when we want to wash our bigger pots, so I made sure to get one with a faucet of a different design.

That done, we made a quick stop at the pet store so I could get some more plants for our fish tank, then hit the grocery store, to get the last items we didn’t get after our big Costco trip, yesterday.

After several hours of running around the city, we could finally start home, with only a stop at the gas station, so I could fill a jerry can for our lawn mowers.

Once at home and all the groceries were in, we had to get that stove inside. My daughter and I managed to wrestle it out of the van and up the 2 steps in front of the main door, but then we had a problem.

The box was just narrow enough to fit through the doorway. Perfect, right?

Well. Except for the arm bar.

My other daughter put me on cat duty with the spray bottle, then the two of them tipped it on its side again, the wrestled it through. It was a really tight fit, but the hardest part was squeezing it through the door, while also lifting it over the bottom of the door frame, at the same time.

So here it is!

So excited!

We are not, however, installing it today.

It is about 3 inches too wide to fit into the kitchen. We are going to have to move the counter out and into the dining room.

Which will require moving the dining table into a corner, move shelves we have under the dining room window, pull the counter out (which will give me a chance to finally clean back there, and reclaim some stuff that has fallen behind it), take out the old stove, clean under that, put in the new stove, put the counter back again, then haul the old stove to the pile of stuff that we’ll most likely have to hire someone to haul to the dump for us.

This is going to be a huge job.

Until then, we can use the old stove to make supper! πŸ™‚

Oh, and the new faucet and taps will be installed tomorrow, too!

It’s going to be a huge job, but I am so looking forward to not having to use the old busted up stuff anymore!!!

My daughters are awesome.

The Re-Farmer

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