Tiny harvest

This spring, the cherry tree near the house has many flowers.

Unfortunately, they did not translate into very many cherries this year. There are just a few, scattered about.

Walking past it today, I noticed some seemed to be nice and ripe. After trying a couple, I picked the rest that I could reach, and brought them in for my daughters.

Yup. That’s it! Counting the one I’d already taste tested, it was a whole 8 cherries.

There are others that are not quite ripe yet, but we’re not going to get anywhere near what we had last year – and that was just barely enough to fill a medium slide-lock freezer bag.

They were, however absolutely delicious. Wonderfully sour, with just a bit of sweetness. A lovely, tiny little treat!

The Re-Farmer

4 thoughts on “Tiny harvest

    • I think it is a pollination issue. There were so many flowers, but at that time in the season, the pollinators weren’t out much, yet. This variety is better suited to its original home in Poland, where they are harvesting cherries when ours is still blooming!

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