Prepping old bird feeder

When we first moved here, three winters ago, there was a bird feeder mounted on a metal post at the opposite end of the flower garden where we currently have the platform feeder.

One of the first things I noticed about it was that there was a rock sitting on one corner of the base. I quickly discovered why it was there, when I lifted the top to add birdseed.

The whole thing tipped over to one side.

The rock was a counterweight, so it wouldn’t tip when birds landed on it, or in the wind.

Eventually, I took a look and discovered that the feeder had a metal mounting that fit over the post, so it could easily be lifted off.

Also, there were only 2 screws on one side, holding it in place, and that’s why the feeder kept tipping. Rather than add more screws. someone just put on the rock.

I’d set it aside for cleaning and painting, and for the past two years, it’s been sitting upside down on the bench near the main entry. I just kept forgetting about it.

This evening, my daughter wanted to add a second coat of paint to the bottoms of the picnic table legs, so I went out with her. We’d made a dump run, and I needed to hose out the plastic bin we put the cat litter bags into until we do. As I was putting the cleaned bin back next to the bench, I saw the feeder and realized this was the perfect time to prep it for painting. I just needed to take the two screws out and remove the post mount, first.

Of course, they were two completely different types of screws, that needed different screwdrivers.

One of them was actually bent.

That would be from the bird feeder tipping! I’m surprised they weren’t both bent.

Here is the feeder, after hosing it down to get rid of debris.

And spider webs.

I don’t know how much the birds would have used it, considering it was basically surrounded by the lilac, plus the maple tree that was growing through the middle of the lilac at the time. I’ve since removed the maple and pruned the lilac, so the post is now clear enough that I think the birds will use it, once we put it back again.

I suspect being engulfed in greenery had a lot to do with the feeder being so covered in lichen.

I scrubbed it as best I could, though there are still some crevices the brush I was using couldn’t fit into.

Which is fine. We’ll just paint over it.

I noticed there were holes drilled into the base to allow water to drain off. Considering much much water collected from the hose while I scrubbed, I don’t think they’re enough. I might drill a few more before we paint it.

If I remember… 😉

I then flipped it upside down to scrub the bottom, then let it dry.

I see absolutely no sign that this was ever painted.

Yeah, the wood is definitely showing signs of rot.

It’s still pretty solid, though. Once it’s painted and the mount is properly secured, it will probably last for many more years.

The plan for tomorrow will be to head into the city for the rest of our monthly shop. Only one of my daughters will be coming along. I believe my other daughter is planning to do the first coat on the top of the picnic table while we are gone, when she takes a break from work. There should be plenty of paint to do the bird feeder, too.

I am also planning on painting the frame of the screened window I made for the old basement.

That blue is going to be all over the place!

I like it! 😀

The Re-Farmer

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