Prepping old bird feeder

When we first moved here, three winters ago, there was a bird feeder mounted on a metal post at the opposite end of the flower garden where we currently have the platform feeder. One of the first things I noticed about it was that there was a rock sitting on one corner of the base. … Continue reading Prepping old bird feeder

Easter preparations and successful finds

I'm happy to say that I was able to deliver a little care package to my mother for her Easter. I called right after dropping off my daughter to see if she needed anything at the grocery store, but she was able to order everything she needed from the grocery store and have it delivered. … Continue reading Easter preparations and successful finds

Easter preparations: baking day and frozen ground

Today, while the girls continued to work on the basement (I have yet to go down to see their progress!), I worked on baking our Easter bread. Then, since I was baking anyway, I made some sourdough soda bread, and another double batch of what has become my usual standby, a basic bread recipe modified … Continue reading Easter preparations: baking day and frozen ground